Barclay Credit Card Limit Increase

My husband has an Apple Barclay Credit Card.

The Barclay website allows you to request a credit limit increase while logged into your account.

Yesterday, I decided to request a credit limit increase on a whim. They asked me how much I wanted to increase and I asked for $1,500. The previous limit was $2,500 and since our highest limit is $4,000 on the Kroger 1-2-3 card, I assumed that the bank might match the limit and apparently I was right! (Get my tips to getting a credit limit increase here.)

All I had to do was input income information. This Barclay credit card is rarely used. It’s hard to tell what credit card companies look for when making credit decisions, but perhaps this increase was a way to get my husband to use the card.

Barclay Credit Card CLI

Barclay Apple Visa CLI

I will make sure to have him use the card soon, as a way to say “Thank you” for the CLI, lol.

I am hoping that his increase will have a positive effect on my husband credit score, which has been dragging since Jared closed his account for inactivity.



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